A Plus Education Consulting Service-百加留學中心專辦澳洲留學,以及紐西蘭、英國、美國、加拿大等國的留學代辦。本中心為各國學校正式授權的駐台代辦,我們提供有意出國同學免費諮詢,針對個人的讀書計劃、經濟能力、英語能力和學經歷等實際條件,提供專業的資訊與留學代辦服務,使同學們能選擇一個真正適合自己的學校和科系就讀。協助同學們實現夢想,是我們最誠摯的希望! 誠信、專業、負責是我們秉持的最佳服務宗旨。


同學們的口碑和學校的肯定,是我們最佳的廣告! 歡迎有意出國的同學來電諮詢。

一、 免費諮詢

二、 學校申請

三、 簽證申請

四、 護照申請

五、 文件翻譯

六、 接機和住宿安排

七、 國際學生證申請

八、 國際學生票訂購

九、 提供托福或雅思考試日期

十、 定期舉行學校來台面談會及學校在台英語測試





A Plus Education Consulting Service is an International Education Consulting Company, with its principal focus in providing services to students who wish to pursue further studies abroad. We provide a free educational counselling and advise our clients about any suitable quality programs that meet their requirements.By receiving the highest of quality programs and excellent service from our experienced staff and faculties’ endeavors, our clients will be able to fulfill their dreams and explore our world to gain a wider perspective, appreciation and recognition amongst their peers.


Our office was started in 1990 under the name of "Continental Translation Service", and the "A Plus" was founded in May 2003 for providing the International Education Business.


We are located in Kaohsiung City centre. Only five minutes away from the Kaohsiung Train Station and twenty minutes away from the Kaohsiung International Airport.


Our experienced Educational Consultants who have been studying in Australia will provide impartial and comprehensive school and western society life information to suit our students' specific needs. All prospective students will receive the highest quality advice on overseas study opportunities. We will offer the best possible options for our prospective students based on their schools' results and qualifications.


1、  Free Counselling

2、  Process school applications

3、  Provide course information on Institutions

4、  Organize In-Office Interviews programs & seminars on behalf of Institutions

5、  Provide prospectuses and audio-visual materials of Institutions

6、  Provide pre-departure briefings

7、  Assist student visa and tourist visa applications

8、  Assist On & Off campus accommodation & airport reception applications

9、  Assist international student identity card application (ISIC)

10、Assist Student ticket booking

11、Assist with IELTS and TOEFL examination registration